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                      CCTEG Chongqing Engineering Co.,Ltd. (formerly China Coal International Engineering Group Chongqing design and Research Institute, hereinafter referred to as the "Coal Design Institute") was established in 1953, originally under the Ministry of fuel industry, is directly under the Ministry of Coal Industry Design Institute, is a national class A comprehensive survey and design institute. Is currently under the jurisdiction of the state owned coal branch of China Coal Science and technology group.

                      Coal Design Institute after sixty years of development, from a subordinate comprehensive hospital and gradually developed into a comprehensive national strong technical force, advanced technology and equipment, cross regional, cross industry engaged in engineering surveying, engineering design, engineering supervision, engineering cost consulting, project contracting, construction plan review for the integration of survey and design enterprises. The company has more than and 50 survey and Design Institute, including the engineering supervision Consulting Institute, engineering general contract firms, engineering consulting (structuraldesign) Ltd., Sichuan branch, Chengdu branch, Guizhou branch, Yunnan branch, Shanxi branch, East China branch, Northwest Branch, Guangxi Design Institute, Anhui Design Institute, Fujian branch, Guangdong branch, Xiamen branch, Hunan branch, Gansu branch, Sichuan branch, Jiangsu environmental protection environmental design research and Design Institute and other institutions. My company's existing national outstanding contribution to the 21 experts, professor level senior engineer (superior) more than 110 people, more than 200 senior engineers, engineers more than 500 people, all kinds of registered engineers more than and 350. Covers the construction, structure, planning, mining, underground engineering, mineral processing, coking, geotechnical engineering, environmental assessment, environmental governance, roads, bridges and culverts, gas, HVAC, water supply and drainage, power supply, communication, technology economy, automation, mechanism, building materials, cable, water and soil conservation, geological hazard prevention, safety evaluation, engineering survey more than 40 professional, had been carried out with the world more than 20 countries and regions have technology exchanges and cooperation, the scope of business throughout the country more than and 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

                      Coal Design Institute currently holds: the coal industry grade, construction industry (construction) class, municipal industry (gas, roads, bridges, tunnels, cable) class, environmental engineering (water pollution control engineering, air pollution control engineering) a comprehensive engineering investigation, class, geological disaster prevention engineering geological grade A, grade a a disaster prevention engineering design, environmental pollution control, environmental impact assessment grade A, grade a scheme of soil and water conservation engineering consulting (coal, construction, municipal, ecological and environmental engineering cost consulting) class, Grade A, grade a grade a project owner, project supervision, intelligent building design and construction, city planning division. Municipal Industry B, petroleum and natural gas (offshore oil industry) (pipeline) B, highway (highway) B The electric power industry, (thermal power engineering, power transmission and Substation Engineering) B, landscape engineering design B, environmental engineering (disposal, pollution remediation, physical pollution prevention and control of solid waste treatment b), risk assessment of geological hazards of cultural relics protection class B, class B, construction plan review (housing construction, municipal, and a class) pressure piping, (GA, GB, GC) design permits the survey and design consultation qualification certificate.

                      Coal Design Institute in the industry has been formed in the engineering survey, design, supervision and construction general contracting as the main body, leading to the construction, municipal, industrial and environmental protection in the industry pattern, the remarkable results were achieved in all fields. In recent five years in our company to complete the design of more than 10000, all kinds of engineering investigation, of which more than 200 of survey, design and scientific research achievements by the national, provincial excellent survey award, outstanding design award and the science and technology progress award. Our hospital has also won the "Chongqing city civilization unit", "Chongqing City Shou contract re credit unit", "National Engineering Survey and geotechnical industry integrity unit", "the Central Enterprises Ideological and political work advanced unit" honorary title.

                      Our company will continue to get wide talent, increase scientific and technological innovation, improve the office environment, the implementation of corporate culture innovation and modern management mode of reengineering, create high-quality, professional design team, with high intelligence, high value-added service products for the society and customers, create an international engineering company to build science and technology, efficient and diversified. We adhere to the "quality of survival, product tree image, into the market, in good faith to win customers, service to the team and a career, to promote the development of innovation" spirit of enterprise; adhere to the "people-oriented, honest and law-abiding, careful planning, scientific management, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction" management approach; adhere to the "commitment what is the big promise; believe in your idea of success is our greatest success". We thank the old friends over to our trust and support, we also hope that the new and old friends to know more about us today, look forward to work together with you, mutual benefit and win, create brilliant tomorrow.