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                      Mining engineering
                      Mine design (mine, mineral processing, coking, coal gas, chemical, railway, highway, cable transport engineering, thermal power, cement, building materials, mechanical processing, mining area of urban planning and construction, etc.);

                      Construction Engineering
                      Industrial and civil buildings, including high-rise and super high-rise buildings, intelligent buildings, various types of business, tourism, finance, office, education, culture and entertainment, health, residential, landscape architecture, urban planning;

                      Municipal Engineering
                      City Gas Engineering, transportation engineering, cableway underground engineering, city water supply and drainage engineering, rural and urban power grids, integrated network and building materials factory, power plant, natural gas transformation, natural gas distribution, coal gas and gas transmission engineering design etc.;

                      Tunnel engineering
                      Design, consulting and general contracting of mining tunnels, railways and highways, tunnels, tunnels and other underground works

                      Environmental Engineering
                      Environmental impact and assessment of urban and regional development, soil and water conservation, environmental engineering design and management;

                      Geotechnical engineering
                      Engineering geological survey, geotechnical engineering design, evaluation, review, rock and soil physical mechanics test, engineering survey, geological hazard control engineering, geotechnical engineering consultation, geotechnical engineering monitoring;

                      Project general contracting
                      General contracting of engineering project design and construction;

                      Engineering supervision
                      Construction supervision of building, municipal public utilities, roads, mines, etc.;

                      Cost of construction
                      All kinds of construction project proposals and feasibility studies of investment estimate preparation, audit and economic evaluation of project; project budget, budget, settlement and completion (must) preparation and audit, project bid and bidding; provide the construction project in each stage of the project cost control and project claim service; project cost information service; acceptance the judicial organs and arbitration institutions entrusted to identify engineering economic disputes; other relevant business and engineering cost of business;

                      Construction drawing review
                      A real class (including high-rise), municipal (roads, bridges and tunnels, drainage, sanitation) of a class, a class survey;

                      Construction project safety evaluation, project construction management agency