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                      Business enterprise culture idea

                      Enterprises in the business activities should have the value of employees. Corporate culture includes: active market concept, internal credit concept, consciousness of legal philosophy, rational win-win concept, effective competition concept, fast strain concept, multilayer brand philosophy and concept of anti crisis early warning.

                      Initiative market concept

                      price, quality, utility, brand, resources, services, customers, technology, marketing;

                      Internal integrity concept

                      "What is promised is a great event". True, fair, lawful, fair, contract;

                      Consciousness of law

                      To master the law, to use the law, to comply with the law, the legal costs (legal costs and opportunities);

                      Rational win win idea

                      "Your success, is my greatest success" concept, to promote the success of customers;

                      The idea of effective competition

                      Comparative advantage rational competition, rational competition, standard competition;

                      The idea of rapid development

                      With the development of technology, market changes, changes in the concept of change, changes in the industry and changes in the industry;

                      Multi-level brand concept

                      Create famous brand, use the brand, introduce the brand, promote the brand;

                      Early warning anti crisis concept

                      Anti crisis organization construction, capital reserve, the use of social forces, enterprise development wing.

                      Management enterprise culture idea

                      Value orientation of employees in enterprise management activities. The management of enterprise culture includes: responsibility and right symmetry of management concept, internal integration management concept, efficient management (management cost) concept, share management philosophy, interactive (administrators and managers) management, staff consciousness (in a unified constraint and subject consciousness of Philosophy) Humanism (people-oriented, respect personality) management, rational (management modernization and traditional culture, the internal mechanism to adapt) management, ordering (enterprise management objectives and management means of the effective combination of management philosophy).

                      The rights and responsibilities of the management of the rights and responsibilities are symmetrical, the rewards and punishments are clear, and the opportunity is fair;

                      High efficiency management concept

                      Management to generate revenue, while the management will pay the cost. Look for a combination of revenue and cost;

                      Share of management philosophy

                      The enterprise and the staff benefit sharing, risk sharing. Quantify benefits and risks to individual employees;

                      Interactive management philosophy

                      Managers and managers are interactive development, interactive training, homeopathy, internal selection;

                      The concept of employee subjective consciousness

                      On the basis of the hypothesis of human nature "X - Y", the "complex person hypothesis" is adopted to carry out dynamic stimulation;

                      Humanism management theory

                      Respect staff's personality, emphasize contract principle, flexible management, win win management;

                      Rational management idea

                      The combination of management modernization and adaptability, safety, steps, absorption and innovation;

                      Orderly management idea

                      To achieve technical, quality, cost, service, management and orderly management.

                      Institutional enterprise culture idea

                      Enterprise system should have the value concept. The system of enterprise culture including: loyalty concept, the concept of contract, win-win platform (enterprise and staff) concept, team spirit, differences in the level of idea, efficiency idea, system, only the idea of the supremacy of internal integration (employees and employees of enterprises and employees, ideas).

                      Loyalty concept

                      Loyal to the enterprise system, loyal to the staff, loyal to the interests of all parties, loyal to the three principles, to strengthen the self;

                      Team spirit concept

                      A clear division of labor and cooperation, to play a personal comparative advantage, the convergence of faith, the same goal, the interests of workers together;

                      Hierarchy of differences

                      The grade difference is the motivation mechanism, the fair principle, the unification of the protection of the weak;

                      Efficiency only concept

                      Efficiency is the basis of the evaluation of people, the decision of income distribution, rewards and punishment, the use of people and enterprise system arrangements;

                      System first idea

                      Enterprise system is the Charter of the enterprise, using the enterprise system to unify people's behavior and the enterprise system as the criterion to deal with the internal contradiction;

                      Win-win platform concept

                      Individuals through the platform to play the potential of the enterprise, the development of enterprises rely on staff;

                      Internal fusion concept

                      On the premise of individual equality, embody the system of interpersonal relationship, contract, people oriented, combination;

                      Contract concept

                      Enterprises and individuals, the elements of property rights, between the internal organs, between positions, between enterprises and the external emphasis on